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The Solo Coder Podcast

Sep 29, 2020

I spoke with the flamboyant Cassidy Williams. Cassidy is a Developer Experience Engineer at Netlify. From a technical stand point, she does a lot of work with React, but her reach goes way beyond that. As a public speaker, she talks about topics such as Women in Tech and STEM education.

As many of us, she was directly affected by covid as the company she used to work for, a react training company, had to layoff all their staff at the start of the pandemic but being connected as she is, she got a new position at Netlify right away.

Cassidy has her own very popular weekly newsletter called "rendezvous with cassidoo" where she talks about technology and coding. She is also a curator of "The Overflow" newsletter published weekly by Stack Overflow.

From her adventures as a public speaker to her passion for mechanical keyboards we spoke about everything.

Enjoy the chat!

Full show notes and links: