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The Solo Coder Podcast

Apr 7, 2020

I spoke with Will Strohl. Will is the Founder & CEO of Upendo Ventures. But before and beyond that, he is a community builder. I have known Will as an user group and meetup organizer for at least 10 years. From a very outspoken fatty guy (in his own words) back then (around 2011) to a super fit business leader, Will has so much passion for community that it becomes contagious.

Will has organized numerous tech conferences, he has engaged on-line and off-line to move groups of people towards achieving common goals, mostly within open-source initiatives.

As mentioned during this episode, Will is a reference to me when it comes to community building. I have reached out to him many times over the years for advice in the many community related endeavors I have undertaken.

Enjoy this conservation with a sharp guy that is not shy about his convictions.

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